Graphic Recording/Graphic Facilitation?

Graphic Recording/Facilitation is a powerful and creative tool of transforming complex concepts and verbal information into engaging and memorable visuals.

It includes LISTENING  to the discussions from a workshop, meeting or conference,  CONNECTING  and SYTHESIZING the information and then translating it through live sketch notes and illustrations into a visual mind map that reflects a shared understanding and common and collaborative goals.          

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How does it work? Can you include it in your projects?

Most of the people see workshops, meetings or conferences as another event to listen to key speakers and see endless PowerPoint presentations.
But in order to render the bigger picture, a graphic facilitator listen to everyone’s ideas and opinions, being the public listener.
As the discussion advances, you can literally see it being contoured in front of  your eyes. And you want to see your contribution, therefore it engages the entire room. It also boosts clarity and it increases retention as 87% of us are visual learners and decreases confusion or conflict because you can see how your ideas are getting through.

At the end of the discussion, you can also easily share it with people that weren’t there or use it a visual reminder of the shared commitments, by simply clicking a picture and sending it.

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Will it make a difference if you can literally see what you and the others are talking about?

As past participant and organizer of meetings and workshops, I can say that we can get caught up in this workshop after workshop and event after event. You can be physically present but not mentally engaged. Or suffer from the so called “death by PowerPoint”.

But we all know the expression ” A picture is worth a thousand words“. Graphic recording can heightens participant’s understanding when having to deal with complex concepts and lifts up the energy in the room through attractive visual graphic. It ensures collaborative communication and it’s a great reference point to check the alignment of the ideas at all times.

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